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Our Hotel

Casa Kalfu (Blue House in Mapudungun language)

It is a large house dating from 1940, was built from the recycling of housing that belonged to the traditional family of German settlers Gunther – Yunge. In the remodeling a new volume was added for the hotel rooms, respecting carefully the original lines of the house. All woods are native to Patagonia, noble, original or recycled, finding larch, canelo, mañío, tepa, ulmo, hualle and laurel.

An important contribution to save the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of the city of Puerto Varas. Redesigned by the architect Eladio Susaeta (PUCV) and recycled by the builder Luis Bahamondes.

The Hotel has a meeting room, lounge and bar overlooking the lake, plus parking.
Buffet breakfast with regional pastries.
The Casa Kalfu Hotel in Puerto Varas is staffed by its owners, Carmen García Cambiaso and Horacio Bovolo; with more than 40 years of experience in hospitality.
Portuguese, Spanish and English are spoken.

Phone numbers: (+56) 652 751 261 / (+56) 652 712 218 / FAX (+56) 2299 7966
Mobile: whatsapp logo(+56 9) 94529151 (customer support from 08:00 to 22:00 hs)
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