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Sustainable Hotel, Obtaining the S Seal 

Only 5 hotels in all Chile hold this top distinction in category III, which reflects the highest excellence in sustainability nationwide. Being evaluated with high rigor in the 3 areas of sustainability universally known: Economic, Sociocultural and Environmental. The evaluation criteria used are based on those defined by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), an international organization and a global benchmark in the accreditation of sustainable tourism practices linked to the World Tourism Organization (OMT).

Carbon footprint, neutral

Following the Green Ticket evaluation criteria in the area of hotel sustainability, we have obtained the Neutral Carbon degree, audited by Deloite.

Tripadvisor, Ecoleader Platinum

It is the maximum distinction awarded by Tripadvisor to the hotels of the network, for the practice of the following sustainability actions, such as: reuse plans for towels and sheets, control the use of energy on a frequent basis, recycle, use low-voltage spotlights energy consumption, educate staff and guests about environmental practices and maintain an adequate use of wastewater.

Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Varas, sustainable development and fair trade 

In charge of the Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Varas, Hotel Casa Kalfu works on several sustainability campaigns in the city. Among them, the eradication of plastic bags, sustainable real estate development on a human scale, the struggle for the preservation of Lake Llanquihue and the development of fair trade, supporting handicraft fairs and local purchases.

Senda Nativa Romahue, let’s save the cougars! 

The waste from the egg shells served at Casa Kalfu breakfasts is converted into calcium, to rehabilitate the rescued pumas injured by unscrupulous hunters. We support with great love and conviction the philanthropic work carried out by the Senda Nativa Romahue.

Bike Friendly

Around the beautiful Lake Llanquihue we have the ideal scenario with more than 100 km of bikeways that connect small towns, which provide facilities for cyclotourism with a network of specialized hotels. Kalfu House has all the necessary support for the development of these activities at family or group level. We have circuit maps, technical assistance and bicycle nursery.

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